We are a team of passionate and creative individuals dedicated to making a difference. Ensuring accessibility, design, and creativity are at the core of every planning process is vital. Our innovation, dedication, and vigour in these domains are limitless, and we are committed to delivering superior results for Irish businesses, the tourism industry, and the communities we belong to.

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We are a dedicated team of innovators focussing on raising the profile of the South-East of Ireland. Whether you have a small to medium sized business that needs impartial advice. Considering entering the World of Self Letting your property via Celtic Retreats.ie. Or if you manage a live venue, events business, festival or music industry organisation, you need to be thinking about how do I achieve the next step, change direction or attract future clients and increase traction in the market – we’re here to help.

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Guillemot Ventures unites local talent from the South-East of Ireland, dedicating itself to elevating every project, business, and event we undertake. Our guiding principle, ‘All boats rise with the tide,’ reflects our passion and ongoing commitment to innovating and creating opportunities for the communities we support.



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